Nelson Airport Terminal

Architects: Evžen Novák, Studio Pacific Architecture / Engineers: Dunning Thornton / Construction: Gibbons Naylor

Get to the truth of timber

Nelson Airport 3

Get to the truth of timber

Timber Unlimited exists to build belief in the possibilities of timber in the built environment and make it easy to choose and use more timber in design and construction across New Zealand. It starts with arming you with the truth of timber.

Connections UI Screen
New Engineering Design Software

Timber Unlimited and CLT Toolbox partner to launch free advanced timber design software 

Clearwater Quays Apartments

Pacific Environments NZ Ltd

Clearwater under construction from South East
Clearwater Quays Apartments
"Timber created a cost-effective, fast, resilient and sustainable system for this mid-rise construction project." 
  • Phil Smith
  • Pacific Environments NZ Ltd