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Unlock the limitless potential of timber

Timber is the smart choice – for now and the future. Explore the features and benefits of timber and how to use it in creating better built environments.

Taranaki Base Hospital

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Benefits of timber

Find out why more timber in more buildings is exactly what New Zealand needs

Decoding timber

Dive into the wide range of benefits timber offers before, during and after construction.

The cost may surprise you

Timber, particularly in mass-scale design and construction projects, is competitively priced compared to other building material choices, including steel and reinforced concrete. And since timber elements are typically lighter than concrete or steel elements, using wood as a building material can significantly lower time and costs for transportation, foundation design and construction, on-site erection and waste management. 

For example, mass timber flooring systems can be made off-site and then rapidly craned into position on-site, significantly cutting the construction time required and delivering a much faster turnaround time.

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