NZS AS 1720.1:2022 standard review

NZS AS 1720.1:2022 Timber Structures, Part 1

Design methods was published by Standards New Zealand on 31st October 2022 and is currently available from the Standards NZ website. It supersedes NZS 3603:1993 and has long been awaited by the design and specification community in New Zealand.

In the latter half of October 2022 the Timber Design Society conducted a national roadshow that focused on raising awareness and understanding of the new NZS AS 1720.1:2022 and fire design to AS/NZS 1720.4.

As part of this process, Timber Unlimited welcomes industry feedback to identify its oversights, omissions, and gaps with the aim of recommending how best to improve and make it truly useful to the industry.

To ensure a streamlined approach for sorting through the submissions at the end of this process, we want to ensure there are a limited number of 'double-ups' where applicable. Before making your submission, please click below for an update of the received submissions, where you may find someone has already commented on something you were thinking of submitting yourself.

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