What makes asset owners tick

To help make timber an easy choice for the industry at large, you first need to understand it.

A knowledge gap around asset owners' needs and drivers was identified through the development of Timber Unlimited's, then Timber Design Centre, business strategy in late 2022.

In early 2023, Timber Unlimited commissioned a piece of qualitative research across a wide range of New Zealand asset owners to better understand this crucial audience, exploring their needs, wants and understanding of the use of timber in commercial and government settings.

The key findings highlight the difficulty of being innovative in commercial construction, challenges around access to timber expertise, and the barriers and factors that make it easier to create buildings with timber.

It has also aided in opportunities to impact the perceptions and choices of the ultimate decision-makers positively.

This research has armed us with the information we need to encourage and accelerate the use of timber in design and construction in New Zealand.