NZ Timber Design Awards 2023 Entries Opening Soon

1st January 2023

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Timber Design Awards 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that the newly formed Timber Design Centre are the new hosts of the NZ Timber Design Awards for 2023. After a COVID-forced hiatus, the awards are back and will be celebrated in November 2023 with Stage One entries for the awards opening in March 2023. We are so proud to be hosting this prestigious competition for its 48th year—recognising and celebrating the engineers, architects, architectural designers and builders who push boundaries and continue to champion nature’s greatest renewable building material, timber.

Celebrating timber excellence for 48 years

Professionals worldwide continue to use timber in new and imaginative ways and New Zealand projects are designing buildings to compete with world leaders. The NZ Timber Design Awards highlight the latest advances in New Zealand’s timber construction capability, proving that the degree of creativity and innovation in wood-based design is accelerating at pace.

The NZ Timber Design Awards also celebrate the fact that we are using our country’s renewable natural resource base and manufacturing ingenuity, to deliver timber construction materials with the lowest carbon profile possible.

Award winners show an understanding of timber’s resilience and strength, acoustics, sustainability, beauty and design versatility.