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The TDC heads to Oslo!

Our technical managers Bjørn Stankowitz and Hugh Morris are delighted to be in Oslo, Norway this week for the World Conference on Timber Engineering.

22nd June 2023

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The conference takes place every two years and brings together engineers, designers and specialists, from around the globe, who are passionate about designing medium-to-high residential and commercial buildings out of timber.

“If you look at the history of timber building, the core knowledge was in Scandinavia and Japan,” says Bjørn. “Our team will be learning from their wins and their mistakes so we can advance our timber designs back home.”

As part of the conference, the group will get a chance to see one of the tallest timber buildings in the world, which stands at 85.4 metres tall, as well as learn more about how to build timber bridges.

“By being here on the ground, we get to connect with the presenters, have a forum to exchange the latest data and interact to find solutions together.”

The lessons learnt from these conversations, says Bjørn, will help to inform the basis of best practice guidelines that the Timber Design Centre is developing.

“We are focused on supporting the New Zealand timber building & construction industry to know how to build strong, resilient structures with sound guidance.”